Saturday, September 11, 2010

Squash Blossoms (As featured in Redlands Daily Facts Food Column)

For additional information about squash blossoms, see my food column in Redlands Daily Facts or view search "squash blossoms' in search field)

12 fresh squash blossoms
Goat Cheese (or sub with ricotta)
Fresh Herbs (thyme, basil, any fresh herb you like)
Olive Oil
Sea Salt

piping bag
sheet pan

Preheat oven 300 F. After selecting herb, cut herb leaves in fine cut, mix in bowl with goat cheese (or ricotta(). Mash herbs into cheese with fork. When herbs are well mixed with cheese, place in piping bag. Pipe with wide tip on bag, into the top of each individual flower. Lightly separate flower pedal opening on each blossom. Place piping bag inside blossom and fill blossom with herb cheese mixture. Lightly touch blossom flower back together to seal cheese interior. Place single layer of flowers on baking sheet, lightly drizzle olive oil on blossoms, then bake Bake in oven just long enough to melt cheese inside blossoms, watch closely. Bake 4-7 min max. Remove flowers serve on platter alone. Or place inside a panini!


  1. Wow yum... sounds fancy and different - thanks for the recipe :) no pic of the cooked ones?

  2. actually the ones shown in the photo ARE cooked! Just lightly roasted, just enough to melt the cheese inside!