Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lemonade anyone ????!

While visiting family and working in LA, my sister turned me on to Lemonade ! WOW ! Since I'm always looking for 'culinary inspiration'... as well as new ways to prepare fresh summer produce in creative ways.... Lemonade was great to learn about. (See photo to right). The restaurant is set up cafe style and serves a wide array of fresh salads (i.e. sweet potato and pistachio) alongside some really amazing side dishes (i.e. mac and cheese which is out of this world!) Just slide your tray past the beautiful selection of salads, sample the creative combination of wonderful flavors and pick what you like. You can pick from a selection of three salads for 11.00 or 6 one-half portions for the same price. I suggest the 6 half portions for a wider array. My sister was headed to the Hollywood Bowl later that evening and was packing a selection of salads and sides to carry along. I could barely make it to my sister's house before tearing open my selections and diving right in! No leftovers, although I'm sure that would have been nice!

The Lemonade I visited is located on Abbot Kinney at Venice Blvd in Venice CA. There are other locations: downtown LA, Beverly and in MOCA ! (another reason I want to get back to MOCA!) Visit for more info.

PS: I just ran across this review on Yelp (couldn't agree with you more, Kyrk!):

Holy crap! I want to take this place and put it in my house as my own personal kitchen. Lemonade takes the crappy cafeteria you know and hate and infuses it with some Whole Foods, some farmer's market, and some LA chic. The end result? A cool spot with an overwhelming selection of delicious foods.

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