Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Love Our Local Farmers.... again and again !

Just returned from picking up a special order of produce and other fresh foods from our wonderful, local farmers.

Mostly, for tomorrow evening's cooking class... but also for myself... after I surveyed the beautiful goods.

Today's pickup of locally grown ingredients:

Blushing Gold Apples: T & D/Powell's Farm, Redlands
Garnet Sweet Potatoes: T & D/Powell's Farm, Redlands
Maui Sweet Onions: T & D/Powell's Farm, Redlands
Butternut Squash: Three Sister's Farm, Redlands
Scallions: Three Sisters Farm, Redlands
Purple Onions: Three Sister's Farm: Redlands
Purple Potatoes: Jacinto Farms, Mentone
Japanese Eggplant, Jacinto Farms, Mentone
White Sweet Potatoes, Jacinto Farms, Mentone
Cage-Free Chicken: New Frontier Family Farm, Chino
Variety of Flavorful Preserves: Sunnyside Local Farm, Redlands
Winter Squash: Sunnyside Local Farm, Redlands

We are so fortunate to have the wonderful foods provided by our local farming community! Learn to love our locally grown foods... and farmers !

Chef Lee

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