Sunday, July 3, 2011

Locally Produced Olive Oil !

Over the last few months, I've been purchasing olive oil from Malibu Olive Company, at the downtown Redlands Farmer's Market. I've also seen Malibu Olive Co selling their wonderful products at other area farmer's markets, such as Palm Springs.

All of the olive oils Malibu Olive Co produces are incredible, it's probably the best olive oil I've ever tasted. AND, it's great to be able to finally tell clients I am using locally produced olive oil.

Be sure to pick up your bottle of Malibu Olive Oil, I know you'll find it to be delicious too. If you're just started to learn more about olive oil and the various flavor pallets- stop by the Malibu Olivre Co booth at the downtown Redlands Farmer's Market for a sample. The staff from Malibu Olive Co will educate you about various types of olive oils, what characteristics to look for in quality olive oil and give you samples to distinguish the various types.

The Farmer's Chef

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